Aesthetician Courses
How To Perform A Basic Facial:
This course is designed for cosmetology professionals who desire to learn more
about the practice of facial aesthetics.  This hands-on training course will build the
confidence cosmetologists need to begin right away   Course materials cover the
cleansing process, exfoliation of the epidermis, extractions, application of the facial
mask, proper neck and shoulder massage techniques and customer home care.  

Advanced Facial - 5 Function Facial Machine:  
Enhance your facial treatments with the use of technology.  This hands-on course
allows students to utilize the facial steamer, rotary brush, vacuum, galvanic current
and high frequency ultra violet light to revitalize tired and weathered complexions.  
Students learn the importance of each function and the power of technology’s
physiological effects underneath the skin’s surface.  

Advanced Facial - Microcurrent:
Learn techniques that keep Hollywood celebrities looking their best.  Skin
tightening and toning is achieved by the use of Microcurrent methods.  
Microcurrent stimulates muscle tissue that aids in:
    • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Smoother, softer skin                                       
    • Improved circulation        
    • Visibly firms and contours the skin                    
    • Noticeable lifting and toning of muscles
    • Reduction of sag and “second chin”
    • Clearing of acne and more
Microcurrent introduces a pulsed current that penetrates the skin tissue and
underlying facial muscles to influence metabolism and cellular activity.  This
treatment is often described as a non-surgical facelift by many.

Advanced Facial - Ultrasonic Facial:
The application of ultrasonic frequency is commonly used by salon professionals to
smooth fine lines and wrinkles, shrink enlarged pores, reduce puffy eyes,
breakdown the appearance of cellulite and fades dark circles under the eye.  Other
benefits include facial lymphatic drainage and detoxification of facial muscles.  This
process is safe, painless and gentle.  Students learn the theory and practice of
ultrasonic effects and more.

Medical Aesthetics - Microdermabrasion:      
Microdermabrasion is a skin-freshening method  used to repair facial damage due
to the sun, environmental pollutants, free floating bacteria and the aging process.  
Students learn hands-on training techniques to buff away dingy dead cell build-up.  
This allows the skin to breath forcing  cellular turnover, smoothing of uneven
textures and unclogging pores.

Medical Aesthetics - Chemical Peels (Light & Medium Depth):
Students learn light and medium peel depth and knowledge of which to select per
individual skin type.  Students become familiar with enzymatic peels, Jessner pre-
peel solutions, TCA, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids.  Clients experience
improvement of acne, lightening of age spots, freckles and sun-damage, scar
reduction, and the smoothing of crow’s feet and fine lines.  Course materials cover
consultation, contraindications, application of peels, post consultation and home
care instructions for the client.

Medical Aesthetics - Facial Dermaplane
Knowledge is income and clients love the benefits of a facial dermaplane
treatment.  This treatment is delivered manually and is an alternative to more
aggressive and uncomfortable methods.  This painless treatment resurfaces and
smooths bumpy or course textures.  Clients also receive the added bonus of facial
hair removal.  Students learn about proper dermaplane techniques to provide the
best treatment for a growing interest in facial dermaplane treatments.

Medical Aesthetics - Acne Treatments
Acne is a sensitive issue to those who suffer external and internal reactions caused
by hormonal imbalances, ingrowns, environmental pollutants, milk/sugar intolerance
or chemical/product irritations.  Students learn the birth of blemishes, how they are
formed, the causes of acne and what clients can do to reduce such activity . This
hands-on-course gives students the opportunity to learn proper extraction
techniques with the use of lancets and the implementation of technology to aid in the
breakdown of underlying facial bacteria. Students also learn specific product
ingredients that are extremely beneficial for this particular skin type.

Inch Loss Body Wraps
Herbal Wraps break down fatty tissue by forcing them to excrete and eliminate
toxins, fluids & waste buildup.  These wastes are contributing factors that make it
difficult for clients to get a step ahead.  Now you can offer an amazing treatment
that produces amazing results in just one session.  

Facial Massage:
Students learn pressure points that release TMJ, headaches and sinus pressure.  
These advanced techniques also release facial toxins and lymph drainage.  Course
materials cover the benefits of facial massage techniques, its physiological effects
and proper hand movements.
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