Signature Facial Treatments

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
½  Hour Session - $40        1 Hour Session - $60
This treatment is perfect for those needing a deep facial cleansing to improve the skin’s complexion.  This
treatment includes steaming which allows the pores to open, a facial scrub to smooth the skin’s surface, a
corrective serum to address the client’s specific needs,  removal of impurities (i.e. blackheads), application of
a facial mask and neck and shoulder massage.

Rejuvenating Facial - 5 Function Facial Machine
1 Hour Session - $70
Enhance your facial treatments with the use of technology.  This treatment utilizes the facial steamer, rotary
brush, vacuum, galvanic current and high frequency ultra violet light to revitalize tired and weathered
complexions.  Each function has specialized features that effect deep layers of the skin to promote the
overall health of the skin.

Lactic or Glycolic Chemical Peels
1 Hour Session - $85  Series of 3 - $210   Series of 6  - $365
Exfoliates the surface of your skin, deep cleans pores, fades dark marks, improves hyperpigmentation, evens
out skin tone, brightens and lig htens skin, and improves the appearance of light wrinkles by stimulating
natural collagen production.  Best results with one treatments every
7-10 days
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